The Circolo of Sant'Angelo in Colle in collaboration with OCRA-Montalcino and Scuola Permanente dell'Abitarehas launched an initiative on the landscape: the pleasure / the pleasures of our landscape, which is the most important resource we have, a source of economic activity (wine and tourism), the result of centuries of work and culture, with respect to which a more active attitude of sustainable enjoyment, valorisation and conservation is required.
The initiative will have some components:

  • designing the local landscape, with a focus on its ability to amaze us. Amateur and professional painters, of all ages participate. The drawings will be exposed for two weeks in the premises of the Circolo of S. Angelo in Colle. They will be submitted to the vote of the visitors and to the independent assessment of a specialised commission. As a result of this double judgement 4 drawings will be rewarded.
  • ​thinking  on the landscape as a resource. In the first day (Saturday), two occasions for thinking and exchange on the Brunello landscape will be organized: a conference and a round table, with the participation of the academic, productive and institutional world.
  • guided walks in the landscape will take place on Sunday morning. There will be two trekking routes, with guided visits to places of interest and discovery of the historical formation of the landscape (Rural churches, Springs, Rural Huses, historic trees and vineyards).
  • side activities for specific groups: (i) street design performances; (ii) a workshop of drawing for children; (iii) a Soul Jazz evening; (iv) an outdoor lunch organized at the Circle of S. Angelo in Colle.